How Much Does It Cost to Have Stairs Built in Australia?

As of the year 2020, the average cost of building stairs in a small home in Australia was $AU4000. This cost does not include some additions or customized options. The prices will also depend on the design complexity and the types of materials to be used.  

What are the Factors that Affect Costs of Staircase?

Five factors that affect the costs of stairs in Australia these are;

● Location

● Type

● Material

● Balustrading

● Workload

Location of Stairs

You have to decide whether the stairs will be located in the interior or exterior. The length, width, and materials to be used will depend on the location of the stairs. The main staircase is more expensive than the attic and basement stairs. For exterior stairs, length, width, and height requirements are more than interior stairs’ dimensions. For instance, Verandah stairs may run through their whole length, while stairs for a deck may run just a quarter of its size.

The Type of Stairs

There are different types of stairs to choose from, with each varying in complexity. The most typical stairs include; straight, Quarter landing, half landing, Winder, Curved, Spiral, and Floating. A straight staircase is the commonest stairs that run and bends from one floor to another. The quarter landing option is designed to land at a 90-degree turn.

The turn in the Half landing stairs is 180 degrees for its landing. The Winder stairs are similar to quarter landing and half landing; hence they can have 90-degree or 180-degree turn. The only difference here is that Winder stairs don’t have a landing.

The curved stairs are more aesthetically appealing and elegant; hence, they are pricier than all previous stairs. Curved stairs are designed to curve from one floor to another gently. Spiral stairs are particular types of stairs that have a central pole from where the steps protrude.

The floating stairs are usually the most expensive options and mostly found in a modern and sophisticated home. Floating stairs are anchored unto the wall; hence there is no structural support underneath.

The Material Used for Stairs Construction

There are three most standard types of materials used in making stairs: concrete, wood, and metal. All these materials can be used both indoors or outdoors, but when the same quantity of materials is used, Metal stairs are more expensive than Glass stairs which are more costly than concrete which is more costly than wood.

Balustrading Addition

The addition of a Balustrade to stairs will enhance safety and structural integrity. Though some staircases may do away with Balustrading, it will always make sense to secure yourself and your family members with such addition.

The Workload

The amount of labour that goes into the making of stairs will add quickly to the costs. If the stairs require a replacement job, then the costs of demolition and replacement with new stairs are higher. The preparation and finishing of the stairs will also require additional labour and will add to final expenses.


The costs of building stairs in Australia can also vary depending on the installer you choose. You may want to do some research and find out which installer has the right type of experience that matches your needs. Some installers may offer a ridiculous price service to entice you, only to find out that you will spend more on the costs of replacing inferior quality materials.

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